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August 7th, 2007
WEs first outing, That`s Why (You`re So Fine) available only digitally (MSN, Itunes, Finetunes, AOL etc, search both songtitle/WE,its there)
Abum release tba.
Album includes ltd.ed DVD b side on cd version of album, and in the final cut, check early teaser, including approx 1 min. of Post Millenium Tension Blues, new track .
Watch DVD.
A ltd ed 7", half of pressing colourwaxed in some kind of red we`re told, contains That`s Why (You`re So Fine)  b/w Cold Night For Alligators/Roky E. (First time on vinyl)
Get it? check Big Dipper regurarly, could be around very soon.
Stay tuned and check out Myspace .

Things move slow and steady
Greetings, WE

Finally, first single available June 18th!

Finally! WE`s first single and teaser from their upcoming and newly recorded album is entitled That`s Why (You`re So Fine). It is available on all major platforms in Norway (Nun Music), GAS (Rodeostar) and soon the rest of the world through Nun Music. UK, Japan and Asia follows soon, through various partners. Check it out at WE`s MySpace.
Vocalist Thomas Felberg commented on upcoming album recently; "This album brings you the most comprehensive WE tracks ever, they seem like a dash of Can, a pinch of Neu, Beggars Banquet style Stones shaken up with Beatles harmonies and a real dose of Van Halen 78-84, and.... the good old Sab/Zep as always".
The rest of the band just left Hangaroundsounds pale leaving no comments. Don Dons (guitars, FX) never showed up, as he still is twiddling the knobs to finish the upcoming monsteralbum that is entitled; Tension & Release.

New WE track at  MySpace NOW!
Yo, long time, and WE bring good news!
The first teaser from WEs upcoming album is available for listening and testing out over at WE`s MySpace. Check it out!
The song, entitled That`s Why (You`re So Fine) will be released world wide digitally only, from June 18th and onwards.
Meanwhile, this site will face some serious makeover in the coming months.
Stay tuned for more news on WE, releases, tourdates and activities.
Studioreport II
Short message fromWE`s very own Krisvaag: "to werock webguru, make it appear on frontpage; March 1st 2007: WE have nailed 22 tracks to tape, drums and bass finished. Dons`s guitars are burning as I write these words on my dodgy cell, WE are hotter than hell, WE reek of selfindulgience, Tension & Release constantly wips our asses. It`s great, it`s heavy, and the abyss we find ourselves in is cruel, pure evil and bottomless. WE love it, soon you do to WE hope."
Well, `nuff said, keep coming back, rumors say myspace is about to launch new (old) downloadable vinyltracks anyday. Grab them!
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